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Caversham 100 Years On – Books in Stock at WordPlay 

  • Reading’s Forgotten Children – R.S. Bray, £5.99
    “The start of schooling in the town”
    The story of Reading board schools
  • The Snares of Minster Street – Diana K. Mackarill, £5.00
    The Printer and the Picture
    John Snare – bookseller, printer, bookbinder, stationer and librarian
  • So Many Hearts make a School – Daphne Barnes-Phillips, £12.95
    The centenary of the George Palmer Schools, Reading
  • A Bigness of Heart – Adam Stout, £4.00
    Phoebe Cusden of Reading – a very active pacifist
  • Bats, Balls and Biscuits – Martin Bishop, £7.50
    A brief history of cricket at the Reading Biscuit Factory
  • Airs and Places - £9.95
    People and music in Berkshire
  • Sisters All in Time of War – Hazel Alice Rolf, £6.99
    Women during World War II
  • Stanley Spencer Remembered – Joan George, £6.00
    An anthology of people’s memories of a popular artist, as well as a glimpse into mid-twentieth century social history and its effects on Cookham, “a village in heaven”
  • Searching for Sir Humphrey, and Other Tales from The Thames - Chris Morris, £14.99
    It is often said that the Thames is two rivers: the pastoral stream defining the lush Home Counties, and the umbilical connecting London to the sea.  While not denying its changing nature, Chris Morris deals with the Thames as a single entity.
  • Pocket Album Reading - Francis Frith, £4.99
    Embark on an exciting journey back in time with this collection of evocative vintage photographs of Reading.
  • The Chilterns – Chris Andrews, £4.95
    A little souvenir – this book takes the reader on a photographic tour of the southern part of the Chilterns, that which lies between the Tring Gap in the north and the River Thames in the south.
  • The Holy Brook or The Granator’s Tale – Adam Sowan
    Map and guide illustrated by Peter Hay, £4.99
    Adam Swan has written the fullest account yet of the Brook’s topography, history, archaeology and mythology; Sally Castle’s map shows, for the first time, all the places where you can follow its banks, and Peter Hay’s illustrations evoke its unique character.
  • Canal Companion – J.M. Pearson & Son Ltd, £8.95
    Kennet and Avon, River Thames – Oxford, Reading, Brentford.  These lively, colourful and committed books are generally regarded as the most detailed, informative and down-right entertaining guides to the inland waterways.
  • A Mark of Affection – Adam Sowan, £5.00
    The Soane Obelisk in Reading.
    The story of John Soane’s obelisk-cum-lamp-post in Reading’s Market Place over the last 200 years.
  • A Ladder for Mr Oscar Wilde – Geoff Sawers, £4.00
    This pamphlet is both a tribute to Oscar Wilde, incarcerated in Reading Gaol 1895-7, and a reminder that the causes that moved him to such fury in the Ballad are still with us.
  • Roofs and Branches – David Cliffe, £9.95
    The centenary history of Battle and Caversham Libraries.  Thoroughly researched and extensively illustrated, this book reveals much of the workings of local government as well as the social history of the period.
  • Abattoirs Road to Zinzan Street – Adam Sowan
    Illustrated by Peter Hay and Sally Castle, £8.95
    Reading’s streets and their names.  This new edition of Abattoirs to Zinzan has been revised, corrected and greatly expanded to include a gazetteer explaining over 300 of the most puzzling and interesting names.
  • And Old-Fashioned Socialist – Lorenzo Quelch, £3.50
    An autobiography.  Len (Lorenzo) Quelch was born into poverty in rural West Berkshire in 1862.  This is the fascinating story of his adventures as a socialist.
  • Timely Assistance – Anne Bridger & Ellen Jordan, £15.00
    The work of the Society for promoting the training of women 1959-2009.  Timely Assistance” traces how Jessie and her supporters set about opening up and encouraging a range of new occupations for women.
  • The Case of Reading – Manfred Brod, £8.50
    Urban governance in troubled times, 1640-1690.
    This account follows the fortunes of successive Reading administrations through a troubled half century in which they risked financial ruin, purges, kidnapping and violence.
  • The Stranger in Reading – Adam Sowan, £12.00
    The Stranger is a lively, witty eye-witness account of Georgian Reading.  Adam Sowan’s new annotated edition of this long-neglected text includes an introduction outlining the life of John Man, school-teacher, barge master, bibliophile and historian.
  • Down by The River – Gillian Clark, £16.00
    The Thames & Kennet in Reading
    This fascinating and generously illustrated account of life, work and leisure on the Thames and Kennet in Reading was inspired by the author’s own childhood “down by the river” in Reading.
  • Routes to Reading – Reading Local History Trust, £9.99
    Stories of immigration
  • Foul Deeds & Suspicious Deaths in Reading – John J. Eddleston, £12.99
    Fascinating investigation of the dark side of Reading’s history
  • A History of Reading – Stuart Hylton, £17.99
  • Henley-on-Thames – A History – David C. Whitehead, £15.99
  • The Nabobs of Berkshire – Clive Williams, £22.00
  • Thames – The River & The Path – GEO Projects, £4.95
  • The Thames – England’s River – Jonathan Schneer, £9.99
    The Thames provides an intimate portrait of the river’s role at the heart of English history.
  • Thames – Sacred River – Peter Ackroyd, £14.99
    A wonderfully readable and captivating guide to this extraordinary river and the towns and villages which line it.
  • Berkshire from the Air – Jason Hawkes, £14.99
    The fascinating aerial photographs in this book by internationally renowned aerial photographer Jason Hawkes are selected to provide the reader with an overview of a variety of landscapes and settlements.
  • Impressions of the Thames Path – AA, £4.99
    Reveals the best of the towns, villages and countryside to be found along England’s most famous river.
  • The Thames – Geraint Tellam, £9.99
    The book journeys with the River Thames from its source in a Cotswold meadow to its broad North Sea estuary.
  • Life in Old Caversham – Mary Kift, £8.99
    This is not a formal history, although it is rich in historical detail, but more a fascinating and evocative glimpse of the past – the people and the way of life on the banks of the River Thames.
  • Domesday Book, Berkshire – Phillimore, £8.25
  • The Town of Reading & its Abbey – Cecil Slade, £9.95
  • The Reading Iron Works – Roy Green & Jonathan Brown, £5.10
  • The Story of Reading – Daphne Phillips, £9.95
  • Berkshire’s Lost Railways – Peter Dale, £7.99
  • Pit of Shame – The Real Ballad of Reading Gaol, £22.50
    This remarkable book looks closely at the life and times of Reading Gaol during the period that Oscar Wilde was a prisoner there.           
  • Cotswolds – Photographic Memories – Francis Frith, £9.99
  • The Old Place – Angela Spencer-Harper, £14.95
  • Dipping into the Wells – Angela Spencer-Harper, £19.95
  • Britain: The Mini-Bok of Aerial Views – Last Refuge (Adrian Warren & others), £9.95
  • Lost Railways of the Chilterns – Leslie Oppitz, £9.99
  • Lost Railways of Oxfordshire – Terry Moors, £9.99
  • Lost Railways of Berkshire – Rupert Matthews, £9.99


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