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Mobile Exhibitions

Drawing by Lucy, Caversham Primary School


Exhibitions were produced on different themes of local heritage. These were displayed at events during 2011 and in central locations in Caversham. Further displays are planned for 2012 and the boards can be booked out on request. We hope they can reach people of all ages.







Developed by:


Old Caversham today

Megan Aldrich, with support from CADRA (Caversham and District Residents' Association)

A presentation of some of Caversham’s finest buildings and design features of different periods.

Caversham’s Natural Heritage

Caversham GLOBE

Maps and photographs showcasing Caversham open spaces, landscape features, flora and fauna.

The History of Caversham Court

Friends of Caversham Court Gardens

The story of Caversham Court and its restoration.

Bridges at Caversham


The history of the bridges at Caversham and work and leisure along the river.

The History of Chiltern College

Chiltern College

Photos of the college over 80 years.

Caversham Village


Pictures of the village from around 1911.

Caversham Park

CADRA with support from BBC Monitoring and the Oratory School

The history of the Caversham Manor and the various owners of Caversham Park.

Caversham in the Great War


Pictures about Caversham in World War I.

The History of The Warren The Warren and District Residents' Association The history and development of The Warren.
Emmer Green: Past and Present Emmer Green Residents Association Highlights from the book.

To book one or more of the exhibitions please contact us.

A booklet containing the material from all the exhibitions on sale at WordPlay in Prospect Street sold out earlier this year. A reprint is now underway to be available late September/early October. You can place an order at

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